About Our Ramen

The style and flavors of ramen vary with each region, but most have a savory tonkotsu base, which is a creamy pork bone broth. For added diversity, we also have a vegetable broth made with a soy milk base, and a chicken broth.
Each bowl of ramen is topped with a smattering of fresh ingredients. Typically this includes mushrooms, scallions, bean sprouts, cabbage, leeks, and corn. A classic favorite is the poached egg. We offer 10 different toppings to suit your palette.
If you like spicy foods we recommend our special, "The Hinomaru", which includes our signature "fire ball" or the Nagoya with a chili, chicken, pork, and fish broth. If you prefer something more complex, then the miso may satisfy you - it has over 30 different ingredients.